Cuse Pit Crew

Refueling the Human-Animal Connection in the City of Syracuse, NY through community outreach and educational programming, while advocating for pit bulls and other misunderstood breeds.


our mission  

Our mission is to "Refuel the Human-Animal Connection" in the City of Syracuse through community outreach and educational programming, while advocating for pit bulls and other misunderstood breeds. 

our strategy

  1. Provide free training to Syracuse city residents who own pit bulls or closely related breeds.
  2. Offer free humane education at community centers, schools, and public service agencies.
  3. Provide other animal welfare services and resources when available.
our envisioned future for pit bulls  
  • A reduction in the number that end up in animal shelters        
  • An increase in the number that are adopted
  • A decrease in euthanasia rates
  • A reduction in dog fighting

our envisioned future for the Syracuse community

  • A more humane community that treats people and animals with dignity and respect
  • Citizens that display characteristics such as respect, empathy, kindness, tolerance, and social responsibility
“Over a million pit bulls are euthanized each year. That is over 2,800 dogs killed each day.”

don’t take PITy.  take action.

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