Khaleesi the Pit Bull is on the Mend!

Have you heard about Khaleesi? She’s one special dog who is shining a light on the resilience of pit bulls even in the face of horrific abuse.

from Huffington Post

Khaleesi the Pit Bull

As described in an August 27th Huffington Post article, “Even now, while she’s in the thick of getting better herself, Khalessi is helping others of her kind.”

Khaleesi was found several weeks ago with half her face missing. Now, the dog is undergoing reconstructive surgery. The national attention she has gained has led to a huge rise in both fostering and financial donations to the organization that has been caring for her, Passion 4 Pits.

To find out more about Khaleesi, read the full article here.  To help other dogs like Khaleesi, visit our Get Involved page for ways you can help similar local dogs in need!