Free Training

Training your pit bull-type dog is extra important in today’s political climate. “Bully” breed dogs are held to a higher standard of behavior and it’s your responsibility to rise to the occasion with a well-behaved canine citizen.


We offer free in-home dog training to residents of Syracuse who meet income requirements, reside in certain zip codes, and who are referred to us through social service agencies. The goal of free training is keep more dogs in homes, and out of shelters. These training sessions are run by certified dog trainers who utilize positive reinforcement methods. For the past few years, training classes were held once a week at the St. Lucy’s Church in their gymnasium on Gifford Street in Syracuse. Now, we have changed our model to provide one-on-one training services within the resident’s home. This shift in our model is due to the fact that many owners require specialized training unique to their situation. In addition, the trainers provide “homework” so that owners can continue working with their dog after the training session. If you are a health, human, or social service provider interested in referring your clients to us for this service, just contact us!

If you don’t meet our income requirements for free training, please contact one of our recommended trainers. When contacting a trainer NOT on this list, please be sure to ask if the trainer uses positive reinforcement methods. We do not advocate other types of training such as dominance- or punishment-based methods.