Pitbull Facts

Do you know the real pit bull? The one that snuggles up to children and follows them everywhere, just to be in their presence. The one that continues to trust people, even after suffering abuse. Or, the one that runs alongside you then settles in at your feet after a long day? If not, it’s time to get the facts about America’s most misunderstood dog.

Pit bull type dogs are some of the most ruthlessly stereotyped dogs due to inaccurate myths that continue to circulate, despite the following facts…

Pit bulls are naturally aggressive towards people


  • Pit Bulls have no innate human-aggressive tendencies they are naturally kind and loving with humans! With proper socialization and training, pit bulls are typically wonderful with other dogs and cats as well.
  • Pit bulls are affectionate, smart, trainable dogs.
  • The highest obedience trial record of all time is held by an American Pit Bull Terrier named Maddy

Pit bulls can “turn” on people – and “snap.”

NO DOG – no matter the breed – “just snaps.”

  • Behaviors are not “just because.” Aggression is nearly always preceded by many warnings and cues, and there is always a reason behind it which is…
  • Improper handling and lack of socialization or training may cause a dog to misbehave – it is NOT the dog’s natural tendency.
  • There is a rare neurological disease that manifests itself as a spontaneous attack, followed by confusion, then a return to normal behavior – pit bulls are NOT prone to this condition .

Pit bulls have “Locking Jaws”

There is no functional difference between the jaws of pit bulls and any other dog breed!

  • All dogs are from the same species, and none have locking jaws.
  • All figures describing biting power can be traced to either unfounded rumor or to media with no factual data.


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