Happy Tails – Katie and T-Rex

When Katie Benware moved into her first home about a year ago, she knew she wanted to fill that home with a loving, furry companion.

Sweet little T-Rex!

Enter T-Rex!

Luckily for T-Rex, Katie never considered getting a dog through a breeder or pet store. She knew there were so many great dogs out there waiting to be adopted!  Katie started her search for the right dog on Petfinder.com. And right away, she found her perfect match at the Dewitt Animal Hospital Shelter.

As a dinosaur lover, Katie loved T-Rex’s name. But when she met T-Rex, what Katie loved even more this sweet dog’s loving personality. Katie got some helpful tips from Caitlin from the Cuse Pit Crew before adopting T-Rex, including advice on introducing T-Rex to Strawberry, Katie’s cat.

Katie says that T-Rex is the most easily-trained dog she’s ever met, and the most loving of people. “She won’t stop moving for the first half hour when someone comes over, because she’s so excited,” says Katie. Katie has even taught T-Rex a unique trick: Katie says “Stick ‘ em up,” T-Rex puts up both front paws; then Katie says “Bang,” and T-Rex falls over backwards!

“There are just so many dogs waiting to be adopted– anyone can find at least one dog that you’ll love,” Katie says. “And even if the dog’s behavior isn’t perfect, organizations like the Cuse Pit Crew can help you with training tips and finding a trainer.”

We couldn’t agree more! Visit our Facebook page today to find more animals like T-Rex in need of loving homes!


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