Pitbull guards owner, but is then taken away

A pit bull named Precious is stealing hearts and grabbing headlines. In a heartwrenching example of pet-owner loyalty, Precious sat by her owner April Newell’s side last Wednesday when the woman laid injured after a house fire.  precious2
But following this act of devotion, Precious is now unable to live with his owners.

Prince George’s County, Maryland, where Precious and her family resided, has a law in place that bans pit bulls.

Now, Newell must find a new home for Precious; some stories report she may be rehomed with her owner’s sister in a nearby county. Newell was able to get a second pet back in her ownership, because that dog is not a pit bull.

To read more about Precious and her story, click here.

To take a stand on ending breed-specific legislation that separates families, petition Congress!

To read more about why breed-specific legislation is ineffective, and the alternatives, view the ASPCA’s stand on BSL.





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