Need Help ASAP?

If an animal or person is in immediate danger, call 911. Otherwise, scroll below to find your situation, and actions you can take now. Cuse Pit Crew is a volunteer-run organization here to help you with education and advocacy. We are not a rescue group and cannot take in animals.

RIGHT NOW: View, print, or save this Paws2Call Flyer with key phone numbers for emergency dog situations.

5 thoughts on “Need Help ASAP?”

  1. I have a young German Shepard mix who is super sweet and loves everyone except my 10 year old bassador. She needs to be re-honed and we are struggling to find a humane place that we like/trust. Looking for advice. Great dog to a single dog household…..

  2. My niece had 2 pit bulls, ages 6 and 10, due to mental health issues, she needed to give them up yesterday. We can’t keep them but want them to have a good home. Help is needed asap.

  3. I’m looking for an apartment that accepts blue nose bullies and need help please I live on the north side and have a slum lord and there is talk the city my condem are house I need help

  4. I am trying to find trusting to find a home for a pitbull that was passed off to my brother (whom has not had long ) and has recently been hospitalized and unable to care for him. I don’t know much about him other than he is not fixed and seems mistrusting of men (so I am assuming that he was most likely abused). I don’t know his age but he isn’t fixed (which I would help in the cost of that). He is beautiful and seems to love women or possibly a calm environment that I think he could thrive in. Looking for someone to give this poor, precious baby a good and loving life that he deserves!

    I wanted to first try this before I reach out to dog control because he is stuck in the house unsupervised (so time is of the essence). I have been going to feed him and walk him and desperately trying to find him a home. His name is Buddy and I could provide pictures if needed. I am thinking maybe he is around 2 or 3?

  5. Because of a household separation we need to rehome a 8 yr old pit bull. He is not dog friendly, but loves people and kids. We need to have this happen relatively soon please. Please call my cell (315)246-6307 for any questions. thank you – Annelle Frierson

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