Cuse Pit Crew is a 501c3 non-profit organization and solely relies on grants and donations from people like you. When you give to our Crew, you can specify where you’d like to donate by noting one of the following programs in the memo line of PayPal, or on your check’s memo line. Check back often as we set up more funds!


Your general donation goes directly to our mission, of helping people and pit bulls through education and advocacy. A general donation might go to books we give out to children through our humane education program, or it may cover operating costs such as insurance. Currently, funds are needed for informational brochures that are given to students to bring home following humane ed sessions. 


This very special fund is helping dogs find homes, faster. Here’s how it works: When a shelter is overcrowded, Cuse Pit Crew covers the fees to move dogs into shelters or rescues with more room. These fees are typically $75-$100 per dog, and do not include transportation. 100% of your donation will cover these fees, called “pull fees.” As of April 2016, over 70 dogs have been transferred through this fund. 


100% of your donation goes to a reward fund that we promote when a dog is found abused, or when dogfighting is suspected. Reward funds often bring in tips from community members, that otherwise would remain silent due to fear of retaliation. Offering reward money also keeps abuse cases in the mainstream media, ensuring our community knows that animal cruelty happens – and that it is unacceptable. This fund was named to honor one of Syracuse’s most generous and passionate animal advocates, Louis Santaro, owner of Attilio’s Restaurant. 

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