Cuse Pit Crew has a vibrant, passionate group of volunteers who are making real changes happen for animals. We’d love for you to join us! Here’s how to get started.

1) If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at cusepitcrew.volunteer@gmail.com with this volunteer application form completed in its entirety. You may also mail us your completed form to:

Cuse Pit Crew
P.O. Box 2833
Syracuse, NY 13220

2) If you’d like to learn more about volunteering with us, you can also attend an upcoming volunteer orientation. View our calendar to see when our next volunteer orientation will be.

Please select which areas you are interested in volunteering from the list below.


Cuse Pit Crew will be holding various events throughout the year and will need energetic and personable volunteers that are willing to plan, set up, and assist at these events.


In order to be effective in reaching our mission, we will need volunteers who have strong communication skills, demonstrate initiative and are willing to make contact with individuals and businesses by telephone, email and in-person to solicit donations and/or sponsorships, as well as sell merchandise and apparel, among other fundraising activities.


If you have experience in advertising, public relations, social media, web design, or other marketing-related activities, please consider volunteering with our marketing team.


If you feel comfortable speaking in front of groups, we will need volunteers willing to provide humane education presentations to schools and other community organizations. Those who like researching and preparing presentations would also be well suited for this volunteer area.


We need outgoing, professional people who would like to reach out to community organizations to inform them about Cuse Pit Crew and determine ways that we can collaborate together to ultimately reach the mission and goals of all organizations involved.


For those with a knack for researching and writing, this would be an area for you. We need dedicated individuals who are willing to research grant opportunities and work with the Board of Directors to put together the required information to apply for such grants.


A huge part of fulfilling our mission is working to change current legislation surrounding such things as stricter punishments for animal cruelty, reversing bans on “bully breeds” and stricter dog fighting laws. If you are passionate about making change, please consider being part of our Political Action team.

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