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Fighting BSL for Dogs Like Stitch

Today, in tbsl-pit-bull-insurancehe small city of Council Bluffs, Iowa, residents are taking a stand to end breed-specific legislation.

It all started when Council Bluffs resident Shala Richardson was ordered to remove family pet Stitch from her household by a local animal control officer – all because Stitch is a pit bull.

Heartbroken, Shala is taking action. She’s collected signatures from over 700 local residents, petitioning to lift the city’s 10-year-old ban. The petition is now being considered by City Council.

Major organizations like the American Bar Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the ASPCA all oppose breed-specific legislation (BSL). However, hundreds of U.S. cities have bans against “bully breeds” in place.

We commend Shala and the residents of Council Bluffs for their efforts to repeal this ineffective and discriminatory law.

For the whole story on Shala and Stitch, read the full article.

To support Shala, sign her petition on Change.org.

To take a stand on ending breed-specific legislation, petition Congress!

To read more about why breed-specific legislation is ineffective, and the alternatives, view the ASPCA’s stand on BSL.