Ask anyone who’s adopted a dog – especially a pit bull type dog – and they’ll tell you: there’s nothing more rewarding. And there’s nothing more important right now, with CNY shelters at full capacity. Your choice to adopt literally saves a dog’s life, while bringing more fun, energy, and joy into your life. Of course, we hope you’ll explore opening your home to a pit bull type dog by getting the facts about these wonderful, family-friendly pets! We also recommend adopting an adult dog for the following reasons:

  • Adult dogs have fully formed personalities, empowering you to choose a dog that fits your lifestyle
  • Shelters and rescues temperament test adult dogs, so you know what to expect behaviorally
  • Adult dogs are often overlooked in favor of puppies, and are at a higher risk of being euthanized
  • Yes, you CAN teach an older dog new tricks AND manners, just ask our recommended trainers
  • Adult dogs know they’re being rescued, showing gratitude and love on a scale you wouldn’t believe!

We are not a rescue, but we have gathered all local shelters and rescues, right here. What are you waiting for? Your new best friend is waiting for YOU!

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  1. We live in Canada and are very interested in adopting. My husband is a truck driver and would like companionship on the road. We also have a mixed male pity at home. He is 4 1/2 and spoiled lol and we adore him. Please send us information and pictures of pups(dogs) I’ve had pit bulls all my life. They are the best babies ever. Please consider us as parents for a sweet soul 💕🐾🙏

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