Aside from a bark or a whine, dogs cannot speak for themselves. We must be their voice through intelligent, organized, and consistent advocacy. Cuse Pit Crew takes a three-step approach to advocacy. Here are ways you can get involved at every step…


This one is the easiest – and most important – way you can become an animal advocate. Get the FACTS on pit bulls, memorize them, and then share them with those closest to you. Changing one person’s mind about pit bulls is a victory. Bring a friend to your local shelter who’s thinking of purchasing a dog from a breeder. And visit us on Facebook, so you can share our Dog of the Week and other critical information.


We advocate on behalf of pit bulls by ensuring the public is aware when pit bull type dogs are victims of abuse. Unfortunately, nearly 25% of abused dogs are pit bulls. We often partner with the Humane Society of the United States to offer rewards for information leading to the arrest of dog abusers. Together with volunteers, we regularly hang reward posters in neighborhoods where the abused dog was found. Check our event calendar or Facebook page for the next reward poster flyering session.


Cuse Pit Crew works alongside the following groups on the CNY Animal Cruelty Task Force to prevent and address violence towards animals in our community:

  • Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse
  • Veterinary Medical Center
  • City of Syracuse
  • City of Syracuse Dog Control
  • Humane Society of the United States

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